House Of The Dragon Delivered A Major Connection To Game Of Thrones, But Was It Really Necessary?

House Of The Dragon Delivered A Major Connection To Game Of Thrones, But Was It Really Necessary?

The Game of Thrones prequel has finally arrived on HBO, but there’s a big question about House of the Dragon’s connection to the original series.

Dragon Babies and Targaryen Incest explained. What actually happened in the books.

Rhaenyra gave birth to a child scaled like a LIZARD… and so did Daenerys Targaryen. Dragon Babies and the Blood of the Dragon explained

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Information for this video is sourced from the ASoIaF book series, Game of Thrones HBO television series, House of the Dragon HBO television series, Sample chapters from The Winds of Winter, The Dunk and Egg Novellas, The Lands of Ice and Fire, The World of Ice and Fire, Fire and Blood, Rise of the dragon, and So Spake Martin compilations from This video may also contain spoilers from TWOW sample chapters.
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Hey everyone! Crowfood’s daughter here and If you clicked this video, you have reached the disputed lands. So episode 9 of House of the Dragon had revealed Rhaenyra giving birth to a stillborn daughter but there is one thing the show left out that Book readers were waiting for… According to fire and blood
The princess shrieked curses all through her labor, calling down the wrath of the gods upon her half-brothers and their mother, the queen, and detailing the torments she would inflict upon them before she would let them die. She cursed the child inside her too, Mushroom tells us, clawing at her swollen belly as Maester Gerardys and her midwife tried to restrain her and shouting, “Monster, monster, get out, get out, GET OUT!” When the babe at last came forth, she proved indeed a monster: a stillborn girl, twisted and malformed, with a hole in her chest where her heart should have been, and a stubby, scaled tail.
Fire and Blood goes on to say that Rhaenyra would announce the following day her stillborn daughter had been named Visenya. And you might not have caught it, but House of the Dragon had given given a little nod to Visenya’s Birth all the way back in episode 1.
As sensational as Queen Rhaenyra giving birth to a child with a scaled tail would have been, what is even more interesting is that this is not an isolated phenomena. In the books there is actually a pattern of stillborn Targaryen infants with similar dragon-like deformities… and its happened often enough that the book readers have given it a name… Dragon Babies.
One example you were probably already aware of actually occurred way back in book one of a game of thrones and Season one of the Game of Thrones television show when Dany gives birth to her stillborn son fathered by Khal Drogo.

In the book series that inspired a game of thrones, the histories tell of Septon Barth, a highly intelligent and gifted scholar who served as Hand during the reign of King Jaeherys the who was the grandfather of King Viserys. In Septon Barth’s main body of work Dragons Wyrms and Wyverns: Their Unnatural History Barth had consulted various texts and legends on dragons and dragon lore particularly when examining the origin of dragons. In Qarth, there is a legend that tells how dragons came from a second moon in the sky, which was scalded by the sun and cracked open pouring forth a thousand thousand dragons, the Asshai’i claim that an ancient, nameless people tamed dragons in the Shadow and brought them to Valyria before disappearing from history.

George R. R. Martin answers burning fan questions, from favorite characters to television adaptations. Excerpted from a livestream event to celebrate the Targaryen Dynasty and the release of his book THE RISE OF THE DRAGON. Penguin random house

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Rise and Fall of the Targaryens – House of the Dragon Lore DOCUMENTARY

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Wizards and Warriors animated fantasy documentary lore video series on the history of the World Ice and Fire continues with a video on the rise and fall of the house of Targaryens, as we cover the time Targaryens spent in Valyria, their conquest of Westeros, the Dance of Dragons and the Blackfyre Rebellions.

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House of The Dragon: SEASON 2 Bad news! MAJOR CHANGES!

House of The Dragon: SEASON 2 Bad news! MAJOR CHANGES!

The first season begins fifteen years after the civil war known as “Robert’s Rebellion”, with which Robert Baratheon expelled the Targaryens from the Iron Throne and proclaimed himself ruler of Westeros. Some time later, and after the sudden death of the Hand of the King, Jon Arryn, Robert invites his friend Eddard “Ned” Stark -Lord of Winterfell- to assume the vacant office. The latter accepts and, as soon as he arrives in King’s Landing -the capital of Westeros and seat of the Iron Throne-, he discovers the truth behind a series of intrigues and conspiracies involving other noble families and related to the Arryn tragedy. However, when Robert also dies suddenly, the Lannisters reclaim power and execute Stark to prevent the spread of their investigations. These events unleash a war between the kingdoms.

Everything You Need to Know Before ‘House of the Dragon’ | GAME OF THRONES Recap

Game of Thrones is back! 200 years before the war of the 5 Kings, we now get to see the fall of House Targaryan in House of the Dragon. But even if you haven’t seen Game of Thrones, this show is a great way to visit the world of Westeros for the first time. In this video we give the history of the continent, the Targaryan family, and explain how this series connects to the original show.

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Written by Adam Lloyd
Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Ian Dugan

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This is a prequel series that takes place about 200 years before Game of Thrones. It shows us how the Targaryen dynasty went from this invincible ruling class, to this,

So, if you haven;t read the books or even seen the original series, that’s okay! This is a new series, and we’re here to explain a few key moments that make Westeros, Westeros, and those fiery Targaryens their powerful, weird, and crazy selves – all in the hopes of catching you up before the August 21st premiere.

Before we dive in, let’s state the obvious. Game of Thrones and The House of the Dragon are based on novels written by the (respectfully slow writer) George RR Martin

Game of Thrones is based on a series of half written books called A Song of Ice and Fire, and The House of the Dragon is based on his prequel novel Fire and Blood, which gives us the detailed history of the famous Targaryen family.

What some viewers may not be aware of, is that prior to the events of Game of Thrones Season One, there are almost 13,000 years of history that has only been depicted to the audience through character dialogue in the original series. The white walkers, the children, the wall, dragons, and magic, are all a part of Westeros’ long and complicated timeline.

We need to establish that in this world, geographically, two massive islands are separated by one narrow sea. The island to the east is called Essos; a land of men, horses, and the thriving capital city of Valyria – which we’ll have more on in a minute.

The island west of Essos was dubbed, you guessed it – Westeros.

At the beginning of time, before men ever stood foot on Westerosian land, the only creatures in existence were known as the Children of the Forest. Now luckily, we have already had the pleasure of meeting these sassy self-sacrificing wood elves.

About 12,000 years ago the children lived in the northern forests and villages of Westeros. They possessed great magic and lived harmoniously to please their nameless and faceless gods. To the children, their religion was their lavish wooded environment.

These creepy faces carved into the huge white Weirwood trees of the north were carved by The Children to reflect the gods they lived to serve. These faces represent the gods watching over all who cross into the woods, rivers, and mountains of the north.

Now as The Children were minding their own business, living their best lives, along came The First Men. Literally, these were the first humans ever recorded in Westeros’ history. Coming from Essos, the first men were quick in an attempt to claim the forests and lands from the children by hacking, burning, and conquering the northern forests.

But The Children put up a massive fight and after centuries of fighting and dying, both sides decided to call a truce and formed what was famously referred to as The Pact. This pact was an understanding that the first men could have dominion over all the southern lands, coasts, mountains, and seas – but the north, their gods, and its magic would forever belong to the Children. And for a time, there was peace.

Until roughly around 8000 years ago, while the first men were in the age of heroes, developing Westeros into a sprawling kingdom, the children lost control of a creepy, ice-warrior-zombie race known as The White-Walkers.

These beings crave nothing but death and disorder and even brought about the period of time referred to as The Long Night. Which you might remember as Bran’s favorite bedtime story. [CLIP]

So the first men and the children of the forest united, pushing the white walkers back into the frozen depths of the north.

Oh, not only did they build a wall, my friend. They built THE wall. A massive 300-mile wall of ice meant to keep anything from marching into the southern kingdoms of Westeros.